Coastal & Marine

Our British coastline constantly inspires me as an artist and in my home county of Dorset we are well blessed with the spectacular World Heritage Jurassic Coast. Having lived by the sea for most of my life I have developed a healthy respect for the forces of nature and base most of my paintings on direct observation and memory.

Oil on panel | |Racing for the Mark off Brownsea | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Racing for the Mark off Brownsea
Oil on panel | |Moonshine Kimmeridge Bay | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Moonshine Kimmeridge Bay
Oil on panel |31cm x 41cm |A walk at low tide | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon A walk at low tide
Oil on panel |31cm x 36cm |Swanage Sailing Club | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Swanage Sailing Club
Oil on panel |31cm x 41cm |November squall off the Needles | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon November squall off the Needles
oil on panel |31cm x 41cm |Sunday morning Shell Beach | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Sunday morning Shell Beach
Oil on panel |29 x 39 cm |Autumn storm approaching Sandbanks with dog walkers | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Autumn storm approaching Sandbanks with dog walkers
oil on panel |31cm x 36cm |Stair Hole, Jurassic Coast, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Stair Hole, Jurassic Coast, Dorset
oil on canvas board |26cm x 31cm |December morning, Arne, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon December morning, Arne, Dorset
Oil on panel |30 x 41cm |Hurst Castle Ferry jetty, Keyhaven | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Hurst Castle Ferry jetty, Keyhaven
Oil on canvas |46 x 62 cm |Burnham Overy Staithe | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Burnham Overy Staithe
Oil study on panel |15cm x 20cm |Rain sweeping in | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Rain sweeping in
Oil study on panel |15cm x 20cm |Harbour approach | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Harbour approach


Oil on panel |30cm x 41cm |Above Washing Ledge, Kimmeridge Bay | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Above Washing Ledge, Kimmeridge Bay
oil on canvas |76cm x 102cm |The seventh wave, Kimmeridge Bay | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The seventh wave, Kimmeridge Bay
Oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Yachting off Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Yachting off Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour
Oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Approaching sunset, Poole Harbour | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Approaching sunset, Poole Harbour
Pastel | |Lake Pier, Poole Harbour #2 | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Lake Pier, Poole Harbour #2