The attraction of plein air painting excites me but for most of the year our weather can be unpredictable. Work on location is normally restricted to preliminary reference drawings and sketches in pencil, pen and ink and acrylic. Selectively, after a period of contemplation these will be developed into studio pieces based on reference material, memory and imagination.

Oil on panel |26cm x 30cm |Lakeside at Pallington | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Lakeside at Pallington
Oil on panel |30cm x 36cm |Tranquil Waters Opus 1 | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Tranquil Waters Opus 1
Oil on canvas |70cm x 92cm |Wareham Forest, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Wareham Forest, Dorset
Oil on panel | |The Chase | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The Chase
oil on canvas board | |River Allen above Wimborne | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon River Allen above Wimborne
Oil on panel | |Moonshine Kimmeridge Bay | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Moonshine Kimmeridge Bay
oil on canvas board |26cm x 31cm |Corfe Castle mid winter | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Corfe Castle mid winter
oil on canvas |46cm x 61cm |From Buzbury Rings Opus 2 | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon From Buzbury Rings Opus 2
Oil on panel |31cm x 36cm |From Buzbury Rings | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon From Buzbury Rings
Oil on canvas |102cm x 76cm |Sky on Fire | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Sky on Fire
Oil on panel |26cm x 31cm |Riverside meadow with contented sheep | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Riverside meadow with contented sheep
Oil on panel |25cm x 30cm |The Frome at Wool, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The Frome at Wool, Dorset
oil on panel |31cm x 36cm |Stair Hole, Jurassic Coast, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Stair Hole, Jurassic Coast, Dorset
oil on panel |25cm x 30cm |Abbotsbury, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Abbotsbury, Dorset
Oil on panel |25 x 30cm |Coombe Heath to the Purbeck Hills | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Coombe Heath to the Purbeck Hills
oil on panel |25cm x 30cm |Between summer showers, Milton Abbas, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Between summer showers, Milton Abbas, Dorset
Oil on canvas |51cm x 76cm |Across Coombe Heath, Arne | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Across Coombe Heath, Arne
oil on canvas panel |31cm x 41cm |Arne landscape | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Arne landscape
Oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Ruskin’s View, Kirkby Lonsdale | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Ruskin’s View, Kirkby Lonsdale
oil on canvas |76 x 102 cm |Te Waipounamu | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Te Waipounamu
oil on canvas panel |30cm x 41cm |River Allen Chalkstream, Wimborne | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon River Allen Chalkstream, Wimborne
oil on canvas |76cm x 61cm |Decorum est | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Decorum est
Oil on canvas |102cm x 78cm |Geomatrix. In the manner of Hans Hofmann | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Geomatrix. In the manner of Hans Hofmann
Oil on panel |30cm x 41cm |In the Giant’s valley, Cerne Abbas, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon In the Giant’s valley, Cerne Abbas, Dorset
oil on canvas board |26cm x 31cm |December morning, Arne, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon December morning, Arne, Dorset
oil on canvas |46 x 62 cm |Towards the light | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Towards the light
Oil on canvas |46 x 62 cm |Burnham Overy Staithe | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Burnham Overy Staithe
Oil on panel |15cm x 20cm |No boundaries | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon No boundaries


Oil study on panel |15cm x 20cm |The longest day | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The longest day
Oil on panel |16cm x 20cm |Chalk stream #2 | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Chalk stream #2
Oil on panel |16cm x 20cm |Chalk stream #1 | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Chalk stream #1
Oil on panel |31cm x 41cm |After the Sunflower harvest | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon After the Sunflower harvest
oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Country matters | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Country matters
Oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Pine forest canopy | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Pine forest canopy
Oil on panel |62cm x 51cm |The Stour at Wimborne Minster, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The Stour at Wimborne Minster, Dorset
oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Walking in harmony | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Walking in harmony


oil on panel |52cm x 62cm |Studland, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Studland, Dorset
Oil on panel |31cm x 41cm |The Great Heath, Dorset | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The Great Heath, Dorset
Oil on canvas |76cm x 102cm |Mystic Pines, Arne | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Mystic Pines, Arne
pastel | |Autumn morning on the River Allen | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Autumn morning on the River Allen