Travel is a great joy to me and whenever possible I like to sketch on location. This keeps me mobile without the constraints of bulky materials and equipment that doesn’t fit comfortably in a suitcase or carry on airline bag. I return home with memories and reference material which combine to provide the inspiration for studio work.

oil on canvas |76 x 102 cm |Te Waipounamu | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Te Waipounamu
Oil on panel |30 x 41cm |Milford Sound | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Milford Sound
Oil on panel |31cm x 41cm |Haute-Garonne | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Haute-Garonne
watercolour sketch | |Paddock Bay Lake Wanaka NZ | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Paddock Bay Lake Wanaka NZ
pen, ink and watercolour | |Lucca | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Lucca
pen, ink and watercolour | |Domed Pavilion, Jahangari Mahal, Orcha | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Domed Pavilion, Jahangari Mahal, Orcha
pen, ink and watercolour | |Bell Towers, Lucca | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Bell Towers, Lucca
pen and ink | |Amber Fort, Jaipur | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Amber Fort, Jaipur
Pen, ink and watercolour | |Amphitheatre rooftops, Lucca | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Amphitheatre rooftops, Lucca
Pen, ink and watercolour | |The Musician’s Gallery | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon The Musician’s Gallery
Pen and ink | |City Palace Guards, Jaipur | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon City Palace Guards, Jaipur