recent artwork

Here you will find a selection of my most recent work.

Oil on panel | |The Chase | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The Chase
oil on canvas board | |River Allen above Wimborne | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon River Allen above Wimborne
Oil on panel | |Racing for the Mark off Brownsea | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Racing for the Mark off Brownsea
Oil on panel | |Moonshine Kimmeridge Bay | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Moonshine Kimmeridge Bay
Oil on panel |31cm x 41cm |A walk at low tide | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon A walk at low tide
oil on canvas board |26cm x 31cm |Corfe Castle mid winter | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Corfe Castle mid winter
oil on canvas |46cm x 61cm |From Buzbury Rings Opus 2 | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon From Buzbury Rings Opus 2
Oil on panel |31cm x 36cm |From Buzbury Rings | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon From Buzbury Rings
Oil on canvas |102cm x 76cm |Sky on Fire | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Sky on Fire