recent artwork

Here you will find a selection of my most recent work.

Oil on panel |26cm x 31cm |Riverside meadow with contented sheep | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Riverside meadow with contented sheep
Oil on panel |25cm x 30cm |The Frome at Wool, Dorset | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon The Frome at Wool, Dorset
oil on panel |31cm x 36cm |Stair Hole, Jurassic Coast, Dorset | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Stair Hole, Jurassic Coast, Dorset
oil on panel |25cm x 30cm |Abbotsbury, Dorset | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Abbotsbury, Dorset
Oil on panel |25 x 30cm |Coombe Heath to the Purbeck Hills | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Coombe Heath to the Purbeck Hills
oil on panel |25cm x 30cm |Between summer showers, Milton Abbas, Dorset | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Between summer showers, Milton Abbas, Dorset
Oil on canvas |51cm x 76cm |Across Coombe Heath, Arne | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Across Coombe Heath, Arne
oil on canvas panel |31cm x 41cm |Arne landscape | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Arne landscape
Oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Ruskin’s View, Kirkby Lonsdale | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Ruskin’s View, Kirkby Lonsdale