recent artwork

Here you will find a selection of my most recent work.

Oil on panel |21 x 26cm |Cool day and high tide, Middlebere Lake | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon Cool day and high tide, Middlebere Lake
Oil on canvas board |26 x 31cm |A morning walk on Shell Beach | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon A morning walk on Shell Beach
Oil on panel |26 x 31cm |Middlebere from Coombe Heath, Arne | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon Middlebere from Coombe Heath, Arne
Oil on panel |26 x 31cm |Where Ospreys fly | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon Where Ospreys fly
Oil on panel |31 x 36cm |The Lone Pine, Dorset Great Heath | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon The Lone Pine, Dorset Great Heath
Oil on panel | |An evening in November, Kimmeridge | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon An evening in November, Kimmeridge
Oil on panel |31cm x 36cm |Heading for home | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon Heading for home
Oil on panel |26cm x 31cm |The Golden Hour, Middlebere Heath, Isle of Purbeck | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon The Golden Hour, Middlebere Heath, Isle of Purbeck
Oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |A new day begins.Shore Road, Sandbanks | © Copyright 2019 Roger Dell Seddon A new day begins.Shore Road, Sandbanks