recent artwork

Here you will find a selection of my most recent work.

Oil on panel |30cm x 30cm |Twice besieged | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Twice besieged
Oil on panel |24cm x 30cm |Ethereal moments in passing | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Ethereal moments in passing
oil on panel |24cm x 30cm |The last one home | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon The last one home
Oil on panel |24cm x 30cm |Hamworthy moorings | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Hamworthy moorings
oil on panel |45cm x 50cm |Sunrise over Shore Road, Sandbanks | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Sunrise over Shore Road, Sandbanks
Oil on panel |51cm x 61cm |Yachting in Poole Harbour | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Yachting in Poole Harbour
Oil on panel |26cm x 30cm |Lakeside at Pallington | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Lakeside at Pallington
Oil on panel |30cm x 36cm |Tranquil Waters Opus 1 | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Tranquil Waters Opus 1
Oil on panel |26cm x 30cm |Towards Weymouth from Osmington | © Copyright 2018 Roger Dell Seddon Towards Weymouth from Osmington