recent artwork

Here you will find a selection of my most recent work.

oil on canvas |107cm x 94cm |Paysage de l’automne | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Paysage de l’automne
Oil on panel |30cm x 41cm |Light breaking through | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Light breaking through


Oil on panel |30cm x 41cm |In the Giant’s valley, Cerne Abbas, Dorset | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon In the Giant’s valley, Cerne Abbas, Dorset
oil on canvas board |26cm x 31cm |December morning, Arne, Dorset | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon December morning, Arne, Dorset
Oil on panel |30 x 41cm |Hurst Castle Ferry jetty, Keyhaven | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Hurst Castle Ferry jetty, Keyhaven
oil on canvas |46 x 62 cm |Towards the light | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Towards the light
Oil on canvas |46 x 62 cm |Burnham Overy Staithe | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon Burnham Overy Staithe
Oil on panel |15cm x 20cm |River Allen watermeadows | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon River Allen watermeadows


Oil on panel |15cm x 20cm |No boundaries | © Copyright 2017 Roger Dell Seddon No boundaries